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Tiffany Hicks, LPC-S Founder

“Life is a journey. We are not meant to stay the same as we came into this world. Just as when you were a child and had so many things to learn, this never stops for us. Keep growing. Keep learning. Keep becoming the person you were created to be. This could be your butterfly moment.”- Topaz

What Clients Say About Us


 Initially, I thought pre-martial counseling wouldn’t help our current relationship and now I realize  that when we started using the techniques our communication is stronger.


I am elated my son and I encountered Tiffany. She is diligent and purposeful in developing courage, wisdom, and  healing. As a single dad I became vulnerable to admit that I can't reach my son in all ways. Tiffany is the difference and I am thankful she answered her calling to serve the needs of  others through counseling.


   Tiffany is smart, easy to talk to, and just pushy enough to get you to grow.

Areas of Expertise

Depression, anxiety, anger management, stress, weight loss, relational discord, ADHD, behavioral concerns, grief, work-life balance, & play therapy
Individual, Couples, Family, Social Skills Group, Group for Pre-teen/Adolescent, Play Therapy & Parenting Classes
Butterfly Effect Counseling, is a private practice that is committed to redefining your counseling experience. You do not need fixing! Counseling is about self-discovery and change.
We use an integrative approach in therapy to help you learn to self-regulate emotions,manage behavioral issues, heal from trauma, understand yourself, find clarity, and learn specific coping skills to transform your life both mentally and physically.

Let's Connect

We are here ready to support your decision to embrace your season of change, with weight loss, individual and/or couples counseling, which will involve us working together to prepare you for personal growth in your cocoon, developing and changing your mindset, heart, self, and way of life. Schedule your appointment and be transformed into a better version of yourself. 


10100 N. Central Expy Ste 240

Dallas, TX 75231

Tel: 214.448.8557

Office hours:

Monday-Friday       9am-6pm (availability varies by each provider)

Saturday               9am-3pm (availability varies by each provider)

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