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Tiffany Hicks, M.S., LPC-S

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Let me introduce myself. I am the founder of BEC. I believe it is the LITTLE difference in each of us that makes the BIG difference.


I grew up in a small town in East Texas and I experienced college life in West Texas which are too very different environments. I went from piney woods to dust storms like something out of a movie. I had the opportunity to become a collegiate cheerleader my last year at Texas Tech from 2003-2004. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Texas Tech University. 


Upon graduating, I worked in social services for over 10 years. I became a Certified Educator and taught in the Dallas- Ft. Worth area for a total of 7 years where I learned the intricacies of, and served others while influencing family dynamics. While teaching our youth, I pursued a career in counseling from Grand Canyon University where I received my Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling.


While attending graduate school, I stopped teaching in my own elementary classroom and became a substitute teacher so that I could experience the education world through a different set of lenses. I acted as a sub for other educators in elementary, middle school, and high school and while these students were different in age ultimately they all sought to be heard. I would carry a silver little bag full of gum from school to school and I would introduce myself, tell my story, and then I would inform the students that if they 'blew me away with good behavior' I would reward them with a piece of gum at the the end of my time with them. I was surprised at how hard these students worked for me in the absence of their teachers or it could have been for what was in my bag. Hmm, either way I would get lots of compliments from students and was often asked to come back. My secret ingredient was me being myself. As an educator I experienced great joy in being an advocate for change, fostering students to accept themselves, enjoying the little things, and building positive character traits in the students I taught. I left education with a full heart and had immense joy in serving the students and their families both in and out of the classroom. 


During my post-graduate studies, I served as an intern in an outpatient setting providing play therapy, individual, couples, family, and psycho-education groups to a variety of clientele: children 3-12, preteens, adolescents, adults, probation clients, and CPS clients. I provided therapy that addressed these common issues: substance abuse, life transitions, personal growth, relationship concerns, anxiety, depression, grief, anger management, self-esteem, behavioral issues, and school developmental delays. I used an integrative approach utilizing Thinking for a Change, Reality Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

I have city girl swag with a country girl smile. My witty personality, candor, and calm demeanor creates a safe environment where trust is built with clients, like you. I counsel through genuine honesty, humor, and authenticity. My clientele represent all ethnic groups and religious affiliations. My devotion lies in: walking alongside clients, challenging them to think outside the box, and empowering them to become a better version of themselves during the therapeutic process.

When not at BEC, I value self-care, enjoy reading, taking long drives, listening to music, watching movies, attending church, exercising, traveling, and spending time with my family and friends. 


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