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Is My Waiting in Vain?

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Lady in Waiting is not about finding the right man, BUT being the right woman. The book of Ruth exposes us women to the ten qualities of a Godly woman. She recklessly abandons herself to Christ, diligently uses her single days, trusts God with unwavering faith, demonstrates virtue in daily life, loves God with undistracted devotion, stands for physical and emotional purity, lives in security, responds to life with contentment, makes choices based on her convictions, and waits patiently for God to meet her needs. It's okay to feel insecure and unsure of your choices at times we are human. Satan loves to make you feel "fearful." But if God wants you to have a life companion or husband he will orchestrate the encounter. You have nothing to fear except getting in his way and trying to "write your own script" rather than follow his. What you may have thought was the best for you was nothing more than a generic version of your won't have to second guess your feelings you will know because you would have already spoken to God and he would have told you if this was your King or not. Embrace your singleness and get to know who you really are. Singleness is much like transformation in the sense that both are a process.

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