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Aren't we all AFRAID to say things worth saying...

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Sometimes I wonder about what we're really afraid of; sadly we often find it so hard to overcome the fear of bruising our EGO, that we potentially miss out on some really wonderful experiences. Our ego can sometimes be that double edged sword. Not sure if anyone has chosen to write about the “matters of the heart.”If so, I surely would agree that we should protect our hearts to an extent, but is it so necessary or even wise to shield our heart with pride?

Pride to me is equated to the fine print that no one bothers to read. It makes one pay a price for something that once was much more affordable and now not so attainable. People fear the unknown and base the present off their past. In some cases there is a future in your past and for others what has been done cannot be undone. No one knows the heart of man only God knows and see’s a man’s heart from the perspective of eternity…..

I think every extraordinary little event that happens in our lives was meant to happen right down to the very second. Much want to blame it on luck or by chance but it is far greater than that. You reading this post and visiting Butterfly Effect Counseling blog is all a part of your plan. Those little coincidences are woven into our existences much like 100% cotton. I like it when new things reveal themselves because it allows me to reconnect with a piece of myself that may have gotten snagged on a fence that was designed to make me unravel.

I have learned to play out my own scenes and unlike actors I don’t get paid to live my life. I live life the way I know to live it and sometimes that means I stay in my bubble where I feel safe and in control. This world is full of things and people that do not mean me well….

My optimism tells me that on the flipside of that ugliness lies the most beautiful thing known to man and that is LOVE. It was meant to be shared with others and not kept hidden in an 900 square foot box.

I must admit that I talk a lot but I too find it difficult to let go of my fears and share what is in my heart for the fear of interpretation. The words that I have so vividly etched in my mind may not come out the way that I plan and in that moment I could lose my place in the fitting of your life’s puzzle.

So I wait until the timing is right and I continue to rehearse my lines and when that day comes I will know…until then I am in search of those brave pills, and when I locate them I'll be sure to share the supplier.. oh hang on, that's called FAITH isn't it?

I will hold on to my FAITH and when he lays it on my heart to lay my feelings on the line I will because he knows my every hurt, every happiness, and every desire even before I do....

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