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Serenity Prayer Unscripted

The Serenity Prayer

Having the serenity to accept what we can't change doesn't mean we're happy with the outcome. It does mean that we've made peace with what is inevitable.

Having the courage to change the things we can doesn't mean we automatically know exactly what to do or feel good about doing it. It means that we're willing to figure out how to handle something difficult because that's the right thing to do.

Having the wisdom to know the difference- is what I read somewhere is the real crux of the prayer. Until we know what we can and can't control, we're stuck trying to control other people and our circumstances, over which we have no authority. Which can lead us to being stuck or avoiding taking action because we don't realize that we can make a difference.

Asking for clarity is critical to understanding our role in the world- one moment, one action, and one intention at a time. If you feel you struggle with finding your place Butterfly Effect Counseling specializes in transformation.

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