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Refurbished Man

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Singleness has a power all of its own and depends on your perspective about it. Singleness can be used for you to birth your potential or it can lead men and women to feel broken, lonely, doubtful, and fearful of their futures. As a counselor, I can relate to loneliness as I too had experienced it for a season in my own life. I sought God for an answer and he replied.

Dear God, I know you know me better than I know myself. However I was sitting here thinking how I dated what I thought was the perfect guy and it all turned out to be a lie. I’ve sat and had several talks with myself about whether I’m really ready to take on the cares of another. If you gave me an answer choice I would circle yes. I’ve been studying my study guide, my bible, and getting familiar with the text and applying it to my everyday life. But again I questioned “why” have I not met someone new to share all my great qualities with. God replies: Tiffany, I see your growth and I know that intrinsically you have all the characteristics to be a good friend, a fantastic lover, and a wonderful mother. I know your worth. I knew it the day I gave you life on Earth. I remember the day back in December of 1979. I have not allowed you two to embark on that journey yet. You may have already met your life mate I can’t reveal it to you or him just yet. The timing is wrong. See he is much like a cell phone. I have run out of new material so I’m going to give you a refurbished man that will benefit from all your great qualities. The man you will receive may be broken, or have experienced something traumatic, he may be going through a financial hardship, he may have baby mama drama, he may be in between jobs, he may be dealing with a sickness, his heart is not ready for Tiffany. I am working on building him up and drawing him closer to me so when he meets you or when I give him the clarity that he needs he will seek you again. Tiffany, my child, you forget I’m the author of your story and you are just playing the part. You are a star and give him time because all that you are will be all that he needs. Your smile brightens even my darkest day and he will feel the same way. Continue being patient. I know it is a constant battle for you but in time you will say it was all worth the wait. Hold on to your FAITH beautiful.

Are you holding on to your last little bit of hope or maybe you have lost it all together. I founded Butterfly Effect Counseling on the principle that change is inevitable whether we want it to happen or not. In this space, I will help you heal, find your purpose, and transform into a better version of yourself. Therapy is offered to children, adolscents, adults, and couples. Let's connect!

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